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Commercial Painting & Power Washing by Magic Brush House Painting

Magic Brush House Painting provides exterior painting and interior painting for commercial and retail businesses, apartment complexes, and condominiums. 

Our team is always sensitive to businesses and property managers who want to keep their customers, office lessees, and occupants happy.  We are experienced painters and timely, so we beautify your work space while causing minimal disruption to your business and your clients.

Our commercial painters include expert power washing to prepare your exterior, and we take the utmost care in preparing your interior before painting.  We provide impeccable clean-up afterward.

Serving the Greater Orlando area, we provide commercial painting services near you to provide a more inviting atmosphere to attract customers and a more beautiful living space for your lessees and occupants.

Commercial painting can make the difference between patrons visiting your business or one of your competitors.  A beautiful coat of interior or exterior paint reflects on the quality and cleanliness of your service and the care you provide for your clients.

Magic Brush House Painting is a proud member of our local community in Greater Orlando, and we enjoy working with and supporting local business.  Call us today for a free estimate on beautifying your local business with interior or exterior painting.

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